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2006 Screenwriting Competition Results — Top 25 Percent

Screenwriting Expo 5


1954 - Stanley F. Werse
“A” for Anarchy - Michael Hayes
1-800-Superhero - Tony Nichols
4-Ever - David Littleton
7 Pacific North - Tucker Gilmore
A Brief Affair - Susan Hahn
A Fearful Thing - Eric Havens
A Happy Place - Andy Roberts
A Kiss in Paris - Guillermo Rendon
A More Perfect Union - Chris Knight
A Snowball's Chance in Hell - Gregory Lane
Adultery - M. Meehan
Adventures of Schoolhouse Art - Ashley Hodgson
Aftermath - Dan Hamamura
Almost A Love Story - Dennis Luu
Almost An American - Cat Bistransin
Amazon - Edward Pereira
Amy's Porch - Jennifer Buttell-Kersey
Angus and the Actress - Robert A. Shearer
Antibiotic - Frank Barnas
Ashes to Ashes - Joanne Mills
Astor - Bernabe Botte
At What Cost - Michael Woody
Backpoints - Michael Gaer
Baggage Claim - Pam Boyd
Bailey, Arizona - Christopher A. Green
Beheaded Beloved - Jack Baker
Beloved of God - Jim Walkington
Belvedere's - Dennis J. Sparks
Birds On A Train - Jason Kasperski
Black Beret - Timothy Buck
Black Box - A. Lance
Blood Lake - Jon Zuber
Blood Moon - Patricia Santos Marcantonio
Blood of the Chosen (Legend of Lung-Yin-Chi) - William Sikorski, Jr. & William Sikorski III
Blood Relative - Linda Reynolds
Boat People - David Kane
Body Memories - Barbara Rachlin Sklar
Boogyman - Harrell D. Williams
Boots, Braces, and Laces - Jerry Graham, Jr.
Born Sucker - Charles Brock
Bound - Guilt - Joseph Christiana
Breaker - Brandy Marrs
Bus Station Zombies - Kathryn Cottam
Canebreak - Andrew B. Smith
Cape of Good Hope - Craig Williams
Captain Zero - Brian Mix
Cardinal - Peter J. Quinn
Carolina Cup - Sherry Ham-Bernard
Cash - Catherine Dutko
Caught In the Lines - Ben Waters & Ben Johnson
Cell-Out - Rick Mitchell and Matthew Quinn
Chain Letter - Michael Bucklin
Chasing The Devil - Mary Daily
Cheap Shots - Jeff Kingery & Michael Brody
Cherie - Howard Wen
Chicanery - Arthur Stein
Christmas Spirit - Jay Tormohlen
Cipango - Spencer Michlin & Michael Morris
City Cup - Patrick Irving
City of Nets - Debbie Bolsky
Clara of Camelot and the Search for Excalibur - Stuart C. Paul
Clear Heels - David Cooper
Clown Act - Sue Ploeger
Code of Killers - Nguyen Tran
Color My World - Robyn Hatcher
Comeuppance - David Fowler & Preuitt Holland
Conceiving Larry Byrd - Brett Stacey
Coney Island Babies - John Malecki
Corporality - Neal Rutstein
Crazythunder - Dimitri Neos
Crossing the Road - Ryan Costello, Jr.
CSV-Pariah - Eric Way
Dana Kane - David B. Hodel
Dark Age - Harvey Papush
Daybreak - Judith Lynn Howard
Daybringer - Jeremy Sony & Michael S. Parsons
Deadly Beautiful - Frank V. Furino
Der Mensch - G. Brian Davis
Design For Life - Nessa Hurley
Dirty Water - Mark Witzen
Dodo Island - Neil Widener
Dog - Kelly Parks
Dog Nappers - Gina Wakeham
Dominion - Cristian Townsend
Dot in the Sand - Jay Tormohlen
Dr. and Mrs. Me - Dan Goldstein
Dr. Santa Vs. Mr. Scrooge - Ben Joseph
Dr. Sky - Gregory Schwartz
Dragon Dreams - Stan Rutledge
Eagle Valley - Rodney Johnson
East of Barstow - Josh Holcomb & Martin Rizzo
Eddie Mac - William A. Miller
Eidolon - Mike Palmisciano
Elijah's Fifth Mountain - Antonio Soave
Entries - Thomas Doner
Esperancia - John Edward Flynt
Eve's Belly Button - Amanda da Cunha Richardson
Everlasting Darkness - John Kestner
Everybody Dies - Thomas Mann
Evil Whispers - Owl Goingback
Faerie Tayle - Iain M. Gibson & Mariama T. Myers
Fallen Angel - Steve Callen
Fallen Angels - Joel Russo
Family Loyalty - Sean Riordan
Far From the Tree - Mary A. Batchellor
Finger - Bob Hammond and Kyle Radke
First Casualty - Steve Lyons
First Impressions - Chris Eisenberg
Fixing Emma - Heidi Hornbacher
Flight - Julia Claiborne Johnson
For A Father's Honor - Vance Duplechin
Free Fall - Peggy L. Goldman
Ghost Faced - Daniel Finley
Greek Family Antoniou - Elliot Andreopoulos
Grey Knights - Sonia Pathak
Grey's War - Justin Reade Sarno
Groveland - Michael Newton
Guardians of the Four Kingdoms: Forbidden Secrets - Aaron Kassander
Guarding the Mind - Marla Somova & Pavel Somov
H Two O - Brian Hackett & Ron Callaway
Hair of the Dog - Karen M. Lawler
Harold - Caroline Friday
Hawkins - Joseph D. Blackerby & C. Grant Smith
He's A Winner - Warren Clarke
Heartess - Tim Toepel & Steve Doyle
Heartland - Paul Solet
Hells Bluff- Tom Cowan
Herman Bell - Michelle Kaesser
Hollyland - Terri Neish
Hollywood House of Horror - Lisa Beskin
Home Sweet Home - Kathryn Clay
Hope Now - Skin Mead
How to Kill a Dead Man - Don Filipoff & Henry Cohn
Human Resources - Ryan Condal
Hurricane Mona - Marguerite A. Pellegrin
I Married A Porn Star - Eric Sentell
I'll Take Tomorrow - Sean O'Donnell
Ice - David B. Hodel
Imps - Deborah Baxtrom
In Ba-lon - Manja Ressler
In The Lens - Jim Beggarly
Ink - Eric Anderson
Inner Child - Kevin Colligan
Intimate Bondage - John L. Flynn
Into The Everlasting - Chris Hoyt
Invasion of the Pod People: The Terror from... - Craig Proudley
It Takes A Village - Thomas Morris
It's Good To Be King - Payne Williams
Jack $ Laura's Big Jail Break - Sharon Shipley
Jack vs. The Whole Damn World - Jason Sullivan
Jennifer and Jessica - Annie Hughes
Journey of the Jewel Collectors - Dartanyan Johnson
Just South of Angels - Giacomo Knox
Kaos - Joe Sullivan
Katrina - Maurice Lynch
Kennedy's List - John Cripe
Killer's Apprentice - Philip Landa
King of the Damned - Andrew Peterson
Kiss & Tell - Jude Roth
Knucklehead - Stephen Barone
Kowloon - Peter Kennedy
Landfall - Dynero Lee
Last Light - Chris W. Freeman
Last Rites - Joseph Munley
Lawyers in Love - Steve Miller
Leap Year - Michael Cheung
Let Me Be The One - Rico Lara
Liberty - Matthew Sutherland
Lo Cura (Tempted - An Angel) - Tomi Streiff & Jane Hallisey
Longrider - Matthew Dixon & Richard Spencer
Love Crazy - Franklin Silencieux
Lucky Thirteen - Barbara Griffiths
MacArthur Park - Catherine Dutko
Mainely Monet - David Ball
Mars Junk - Keran P. Schexnayder-Bohne
Maxie's Place - Maurice Carriere & Sarah Champlin
McBeggar's - Jack Blumberg
Menehunes - Rich Figel
Millenium Man - Michael Ferrari
Mind's Eye - Sharon Scott
Minute Men - Michael Lachance
Miss America in India - Barbara Sundstrom
Missing Persons - Michael N. Weinstein
Mo Mushi - Christopher Fels & Wade Barry
Monsters Eat People - Frank Barnas
Mortal Genesis - Martin Balarezo
Motherworld - Joseph Mourgos
Mount Thunder - Mark D. Eaton
My Mom's Weddings - Nathan D. Adlen
Naked - Julie Monfils
Nature of the Beast - Eric Sentell
Necropolis - James M. Fields
Needle & Ink - Nicholas Lam
New Year's Day - Greg Hildebrandt & Ross Marroso
Night Bloom - Marc A. Lapadula
No Necking - Eric Molinsky
No Options - Jeff Houkal
No Options - Mara Lesemann
One Last Mission - Mitchell W. Morrison & Miles W. Morrison
One! The Garry Davis Story - Arthur Kanegis
Palmtree Alley - Trey Lindsay
Paper Girl - Candace Novbakhtian and Pat Blanquies
Partners - Richard Terry
Patchwork - Marc A. Lapadula
Paw Squad - Michael Colucci
Peace 101 - Eric Biskamp
Picasso - Kevin Bottomley
Porn Capital of the Valley - Kathy Nash
President Average Joe - Anthony T. D'Amico
Princess Reborn - Lee Tidball
Project Princess: The Greta Growchmongo Story - Evan R. Schullery
Protege - Kenny Minster
Psionic - Michael E. Grant
Quasi - Griffin Broadway
Racing Toward Bethlehem - Theresa Diamond
Red Medicine - Kevin Adkins
Red Shirt Kids - Bryce Clark
Reinventing Venus - Brett Ellen Block
Repeater - John Rossi
Requiem - Paul VanDevelder
Retribution - Clay Wold
Revising Faith - Mary Martin, Ph.D.
Ripples on the Lake - Frank Riley
Rising Ambition: Shadows In The Stars - Paul L. Wooderson
Robbie Crane - Jeffrey Miller
Rocco Costello - Matthew T. McGrail
Rochester - James T. Frazier
Rodeo Girl - Kathy Dunnehoff
Romance of the Ornithologist - E.D. Edwards
Romancing the Dead - Jason Whiton
Sary's Gold - Sharon Shipley
Saudi Sweet - Jim Walkington
Saving Halli Weaver - Lynne Logan
Scurvy Dogs - Dan Livingston
Second Best Bed - Terri Kauffman
Second Chances - Terri Sissman
Seekers - Mary Ellen Michael
Shades of Sin - Kitania Kavey
Shakin Cali - Monica Turner
Shapeshifter - Darryl Anka & Tracy Faucher
Shark Valley Slough - Christopher Brown
Sheboygon Falls - Terrence Hammer
Sherlock & Jack - Jeff Wolverton
Shifters - Tracy Kawamura
Shutter - Ted Andrews
Shy - Joe Ranoia
Sink - Sakanel Suos
Six Guns in Silver - Kirk White & Austin Jones
Slipped My Mind - Ben Taylor
Smashed - Lisa Dahlseid
Snowball - Leonardo S. Garcia
So Who Brought the Fat Chick? - Alisha Valas
Somniphobia - Michael Brody & Jessica Brody
Sons Find Devils - Wayne H. Schroeder
Spaceship - Mike Williams
Spellcaster's Nightmare - Timothy Hui
Spy In The Web - Thirza Finlinson
Starring Squeaky - Zoe Greenberg
Sternwood Creek - Fraser Tingle
Sun Storm - Bruce Chapnick
Sunrise - Matt Anderson
Taking The Cure - James Grissom
Tales Between Two Comets - Jenny Deason Copeland
Tango Variations - Maggie B. Hood
Telepatrol - Jack Messitt
Terminal Levity - Pam Wells
The Amulet - Cory Hollingsworth Ramirez
The Angel's Key - Patricia Little
The Auction - Yvonne Borgogni
The Banner - Tina Juarez
The Bends - David Hughes and Beverly Bryant
The Best Man - Jack Davidson
The Betrayer - Adam Gillon
The Blast - Juan Vazquez
The Boy Hero - David Hames
The Broken Mile - M. Scott Byrnes
The Defense - Cathlynn Richard Dodson
The DeMille Code - James J. Cremin
The Detector Dogs - Madelyn Glist
The Dream Factory - Warren Hsu Leonard
The Eleventh Finger - Frank Kelly
The Ghost of Al Capone - Gary Bayer
The Good Harvest - Daniel Forrest
The Guards - Kevin Hincker
The Heartland - R. Stephen Scanlan
The Hension - Blake Evernden
The Hero of New Orleans - Dan Baker
The Homecoming - Marc Merrill
The Horse of His Dreams - Sabrina Zackery
The Invisible Messenger - Harold L. Brown
The Karaoke Kings - Christian G. Anderson
The Low Dweller - Brad Ingelsby
The Minotaur's Treasure - Nicolas Delgado de la Camara
The Other War - Mary Conroy
The Path of Shaolin - Rumana Huq
The Pendant - Kenneth Lubinski
The Phenom - Letam Biira
The Phoenix Project - Ryan Green
The Price - Azusa Ohno & TK
The Prince & the Paparazzi - Emily Hache
The Puppy Who Fell From The Sky - Penelope Kahler Swan
The Queen of the Milky Way - Letty Hummel
The Realm - Ricardo Acuna
The Renegade - Hal Taylor
The Revolt of the Whales - Michael Rhodes
The Riffratz - patrick klein
The Saint of Lorain - Michael Ferrari
The Secret Drawer Society - Sharon Scott
The Seven Lock Box - Stephen Mize
The Signal - Rob De Nivo
The Sinking of SS Maasdam - C.A. Lindsay
The Sunshine Blond - Marilyn Mallory
The Tragedy of Dr. Frost - Alec Carlin
The United States of Ethan Wilson (is on Fire) - John Williams
The Weekly Grind - Bill Daley
The White Whale - Gregory Alvarez
The Wishing Well - Jim Gabaldon
This Day Will Come - Christopher Plain
Tidewalker - Randy Cruts
Tiffany's Possessed - Nathan Raskin
Timing - Anthony Sclafani, Jr.
Title IX - Nancy A. Nielsen
Too Late For Regrets - Sun Tze Yun
Total Access - Edward Weinman
Tracking Black Aurora - John Tschantre
Two Months' Salary - Michael Cheung
Unaware - Daniel S. Elliott
Unnatural History - Troy Romeo
Valhalla Awaits - Brian Camp
Visitors From Virgo - Herman M. Weisman
Voodoo Orpheus - Eric Patterson
Wall of Triplethorn - Frank Bocchino
Warriors of Eternity - Stephen J. Jacobs
Weed Whacker 3: The Deadening - Jason Quinn
What You Don't Know - Matthew Barch
When Darkness Falls - Sean Wallace
When Joseph Met Mary - Alex Drummond
Whispering Falls - Priya Laroia & Rebecca McDonald
Wonder Beaver - Angela M. Lemire
Your Planet or Mine? - Richard Hohenrath
Zero Hour - Anil Goel

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2005 Winner
The Sweet Tweet Bird Detectives
by Katrin Benedikt

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2004 Winner
by Lorelei Armstrong

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2003 Winner
A Mile Past Eternity
by Naida Joanides

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2002 Winner
by Nathan Maves

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