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What The Screenwriting Expo Is
And Does For Screenwriters

The annual Screenwriting Expo is the largest regular meeting of screenwriters, producers, agents, writers-directors and aspiring screenwriters in the world.  It is also the most democratic: unlike a typical screenwriting conference, the cost to attend is as low as $79.95 for the full four days.

The Expo offers several events in one meeting:

    – “Guest of Honor” and Working Screenwriter Sessions.   Each year, we invite over a dozen screenwriters with major movies or TV shows in production as “Guests of Honor.”  These big-time working writers are interviewed before the audience – and you get to ask questions.  In addition, in the Working Writer sessions, many other successful, currently working writers and former writers with long careers reveal their creative craft secrets and business strategies.

    – Educational Seminars And Workshops: each year, the Expo gathers most of the leading screenwriting teachers in the U.S. to teach over 150 advanced courses on every screenwriting subject from writing a great opening to career financial management.  Whether you want to improve dialogue, strengthen characters, fix the second act or your ending, learn how to pitch your script, or even make the most of your tax deductions, the Expo has a 90-minute course or series of courses on it.

   The Golden Pitch Festival: by at least one measure (number of pitches given, about 8,000 in 2007), it is the largest pitch-your-script event in the world.   Over 130 producers, studio executives, agents, and managers, including representatives of most of the Hollywood elite, come to this event looking for scripts.

    – Products At Sale Prices In The Expo Exhibit Hall: each year, about 30 exhibitors offer discounts on  thousands of  products and services for screenwriters – books, software, supplies, script analysis, and more.  If you need a number of supplies, the discounts alone may well pay for your registration fee.

   – The Cyberspace Open: in this unique elimination event, screenwriters write scenes on site, vying for a big cash first prize (at least $3,000), a second-place prize of $500, and a third-place prize of $300, plus a number of donated in-kind prizes.  Registrants decide who wins at the closing ceremony.

Who should attend?  If you are any of these —

    – a working screenwriter seeking to sell more of your work, improve your craft or approach to pitching

    – an aspiring screenwriter starting your first script, or who just finished and is wondering, “Now what?”
    – a working producer or director polishing a screenplay for production
    – an agent or producer looking for that great new undiscovered talent ...

...then the Screenwriting Expo is held to help you with your career in moviemaking or TV.  See you at the Expo, and Write On!